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Your Local Stockist

Which stockist stocks what?

As some of our stockist don’t carry the full range of our CSJ products we now have graded all of our stockists based on the products they carry… here’s how it works.

Gold Pin

Our Gold Pin stockists, well they just about stock the lot! There might be a few exceptions but on the whole you’ll find everything you need to keep you dog’s health in check. Look out for the gold pins in your area.

You will find all our product range at our Gold Pin stockists, but we advise you give them a call to check,
just in case.

Silver Pin

Our Silver Pin stockists, they’ll stock a range of our products but possibly not the complete range. Check out below to see what they will have in store. Look out for the silver pins in your area.

Bronze Pin

Our Bronze Pin stockists will carry a minimum stock of our CSJ product range. Never the less there will be a stockist located in your area with a complete range. Look below to see what you can find in store.

Green Pin

Our Green Pin stockists will carry a small stock of our CSJ product range. Check online or call to see what they have available, alternatively look at a Gold stockist for your dog essentials. See below for stock carried.

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