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Skinny Dip Shampoo

Protect your pet!

(250ml Bottle)

I need individual pack shot of Skinny Dip Shampoo 250ml Bottle. A Blank bottle can be shot and I will drop on new label once approved.

Use this effective, natural shampoo throughout the year. If your dog is suffering from fleas or ticks, Skinny Dip Shampoo! Is a great place to start. Parabens free, Skinny Dip Shampoo leaves your dog’s coat smelling and looking great and is kind to the skin. Perfect for dogs and horses.

Product Details

We have finally formulated an effective, natural shampoo that smells great and leaves a lovely shiny coat. SLS and parabens free. Best used in conjunction with SKINNY SPRAY. Sore or irritated areas may also benefit from the application of SKINNY CREAM or PURE NEEM OIL. (Suitable for dogs, horses & people – not suitable for cats, due to essential oil content).


Aqueous botanical infusions of:- Hedera helix (Ivy)*

Arnica montana (Arnica)*

Sambucus nigra (Elder)*

Malva sylvestris (Mallow)*

Citrus aurantifolia (Lime)*

Cucumis satvious (Cucumber)*

INCI sodium cocoyl isethionate (Surfactant from coconut)

Silk amino acid Rosa canina (Rosehip)

Panthenol sea salt pearl proteins

SCO2 Azadirachta indica (Neem) seed extract

Fragrance from a blend of essential oils Hibiscus sabdaniffa (hibiscus) tincture*

 * Certified organic ingredients.

“Help against itchy paws… We use this shampoo to bath the dogs feet after each walk. It reduces the allergic reactions on our dogs paws considerably!” CLAUDIA BURWITZ

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Skinny Dip Shampoo
Customer Reviews

My rescue dog had a scurfy coat from when I got him. Used this shampoo and also Skinny spray. Now it's gleaming. No more scurf.

"Marvellous stuff"Jean Carlyle-Lyon 14/7/2019

This shampoo is the absolute best so far. It's gentle on my dog's sensitive skin and really helps relief the itching he experiences with other shampoos.

"BEST WE HAVE FOUND SO FAR"Kalina Dimitrova 28/2/2019

A great shampoo that smells lovely without all the chemicals.

"Brilliant"Malikiah Patrick 2/1/2019

Have only used it once, so hard to judge as also using it with skinny cream as my little dog gets bald patches every summer, and makes them sore by biting at them. He has greatly improved and almost back to normal after a few weeks of applying the cream, probably using both these items have helped a lot and I will continue to use for the rest of the summer.

"Excellent"Annette Cousins

Although the chemical laden shampoo from the vets helped I wanted something natural for my dog so my partner found this. The dogs skin is much better and I don't have to worry about nasty chemicals either.


I found this shampoo to be gentle, yet effective on all my dogs even my youngsters. Thanks for giving us a natural shampoo.

"Great Product"Carol Bath