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CSJ Skincare – kind, effective and natural

Itchy, sore or flaky skin? Healthy, nourished skin and a conditioned coat are a priority when it comes to canine health. Use our CSJ skin care range to help keep your dog’s skin supple, healthy and clear. Good health and nutrition show on a dog’s coat. That’s why it’s vital that you maintain a properly balanced diet to help your dog maintain healthy skin and hair.

Allergies, illness and stress all show on your dog’s skin and coat. Fleas, ticks, mites, as well as burrs and twigs can cause skin irritations. We recommend you check your dog’s coat and skin regularly. Our Skinny and Neem products are safe, natural, tested and will leave your dog looking, feeling and smelling good.

Remember every dog is different. If you have any questions about your dog’s skin condition, please fill out our short nutrition enquiry short form. Our specialist dog nutrition advisor Nicki will give you individual recommendations from our range: Nutrition enquiry form.

Value is important

We work hard to keep our wide range of feeds, supplements, herbs and treats more reasonably priced than other brands.
“As farming people, we like practical solutions at down to earth prices. You can rely on finding good value at CSJ, without compromising on quality…” CERI RUNDLE

Proud to be British

CSJ feeds are almost 100% British – using British ingredients. 
“As a company, we have extremely low ‘food miles’ – the distance our ingredients travel to the factory. We only import vitamins and minerals that we can’t source locally and do all we can to support the British economy”. 

Open to new ideas…

We listen to your dogs’ needs and make products to match.
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Price increase notice

From noon on Friday 29th July product prices will increase by 8%.

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Deliveries (UK only)

Deliveries are made to UK addresses only. Overseas customers should contact their local CSJ stockist.

Please allow 5 working days for delivery.

Items marked as ‘Free Shipping’ (eg Herbs, treats, etc.) are sent by 2nd Class Royal Mail post, and do not affect the weight of the 15 – 30kg food orders, that are shipped by courier.

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