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A complementary feeding stuff for dogs

(150g Resealable Pouch)

Concerned about your dog’s skin problems, sensitivities, intolerances or dull coat? Want to help recovery from illness or surgery or feeling ‘out of sorts’? Need help get your dog in show ring condition?

This natural herb mix helps to support your dog’s immune system.

Nutritionally supports healthy skin and coat condition

Use following an injury help support recovery

Use in combination with CSJ ‘Heal’ for dogs with digestive problems that have been going on for a while

Good for allergies that are not skin related e.g. reoccurring ear problems etc.

Supports optimum immune function

Ideal during convalescence and when dogs are feeling a little under the weather

Product Details

We call this our ‘miracle’ product as it’s helped to solve so many problems. ‘Resist!’ is a totally natural herbal supplement that can help the dog’s natural immune system. Ideal for dogs with skin problems, sensitivities, intolerances, dull coats, recovering from illness or surgery or just feeling ‘out of sorts’. Perfect for getting dogs into show ring condition. 200g foil pouch.



Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein


Crude Fibre


Feeding Instructions

Simply sprinkle the herbs over your dog’s dinner. Can be fed dry or try drizzling a little water (or CSJ Salmon Oil) over the dry kibble first to avoid the herbs filtering to the bottom of the bowl. Always ensure that clean, fresh water is also available.
Resist can be used on an ongoing basis but to maintain efficacy we recommend taking a short break from the herbs every few months.

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide

Weight of Dog (Kg)

Daily amount
(5ml scoop)

Small: Terrier 0-10kg

Half a scoop

Medium: Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie 10 – 20kg

1 Scoop

Large: GSD, Belgian Shepard 20 – 30kg

1 – 2 Scoops

Very Large: Irish Wolfhound 30kg+

2 – 3 Scoops

All dogs are different

As herbs usually take time to act within the system, it may take up to 2-3 weeks before you fully appreciate the benefit.
After the initial feeding period it may be possible to reduce the feeding rate, while maintaining the same effects. This should be assessed with each individual case.
If you have any concerns about your dog’s health please contact your vet in the first instance.

Shelf Life – 

24 months when stored in cool dry place.

My 6 yr old Labrador started to develop really bad dandruff, brittle dry hair, after consulting with the CSJ Nutritionist she recommended a few products one being the Resist, what a difference 6 weeks makes, she is back to beautiful shiny hair and full of lure. Thank you. PETER BOWES

Customer Reviews

My collie suffered from continual nasal discharge throughout the Spring and Summer in 2018 and had an infection with his nose being very red and sore. He was treated with a range of drugs including antibiotics before the condition cleared up. In 2019 the problem recurred and again had antihistamines, steroids, anti biopics to name a few. One of the treatments upset his tum and he became very poorly. After a few days in a vet hospital he came home and I started using Resist to boost his immune system.His nose has stopped running and his coat is much thicker and he seems very healthy. Thank you.

"Runny Nose no longer"C. Smith 11/10/2019

I give this to my older dogs as a preventative. I give it for the 1st 7 days of every month. I like the idea of a preventative rather than trying to cure something!

"boost for my older dogs"C Birks 16/8/2019

My 6 month old Labradoodle (Ava) had been suffering from 'sticky eye' for about 3 months. It initially started in one eye, and then spread to the other, and she had horrible red eyes and oozy pus that just never seemed to get better. I was reluctant to take her to the vet and use yet another type of medication (we had already been on various anti-biotics for other problems) so I was just cleansing with water as often as possible. However after 3 months there just seemed to be no improvement, so after having success with CSJ's Heal supplement for Ava's digestive tracked I decided to try Resist. Wow !!! If only I had used this earlier after just 3 weeks of supplement her eyes are fully healed and healthy !! No more sticky ooze or redness. Thank you CSJ.

"Bright Eyes"Ruth Donaldson 30/7/2019

My labrador has has issues with his paws for ages and I was told to use the resist herbs by my old stockist. It works miracles! He doesn't lick of bite his paws half as much and when I have run out within a week he is back to biting and licking them again!! Definitely recommend and they must taste good cos he licks his bowl right up!!!

"Works a treat!"Claire Beardshall 28/12/2018

My border collie is now 6 months old and is gluten and wheat intolerant. I started feeding him on CP27 Puppy which made a huge difference. After talking to my local CSJ stockist I added Resist and Heal to his daily feed and wow what a difference. His coat is glossy and more importantly his tummy is so much more settled. Thank you CSJ and CSJ Ripon - great advice and great products.

"Amazing product - thank you CSJ!"Suzanne French

My 6 yr old Labrador started to develop really bad dandruff, brittle dry hair, after consulting with the CSJ Nutritionist she recommended a few products one being the Resist, what a difference 6 weeks makes, she is back to beautiful shiny hair and full of lure. Thank you.

"Amazing"Peter Bowes

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From noon on Friday 29th July product prices will increase by 8%.

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