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CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds



CSJ Products...

At the heart of nutrition


Made in the UK

80% Delicious Meaty Treats


CSJ ingredients...

Only carefully selected ingredients sourced


Natural feeds for your dog, available in 3 ranges...

Champ! Original! and Command Performance

Different levels of activity across varying sports demand specific requirements. At CSJ, we offer a wide range of products, mainly for for dogs. Our range of products are tailored to meet the needs of individual dogs with different activity levels. If you’d like advice,
just ask us.

 CSJ Feeds for working dogs, developed to provide the all important nutrition

A complete range of herbs to help improve your dog’s health and vitality

CSJ range of treats are tasty, energising and health boosting treats that dogs love.

CSJ supplements are innovative and can help increase performance

An effective range of natural skin care products formulated for all types of dogs

Discover how to get the most from your dog with DVDs and books now available

From caps to fleeces, CSJ offer a range of clothing and doggy items

CSJ are always looking to provide new products for all types of animals

CSJ are innovative and are always looking at introducing new specialist feeds

Need help?

Office hours 10.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday – temporary COVID-19 hours, please contact us.

Nutritional help & advice.

Nutritional help available by email only. Contact Nutrition Enquiries

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