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CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Our Aims

How do we keep the cost of CSJ down?

We’re farming people and we like good, practical solutions at down to earth prices.
So, you know you’ll always find good value at CSJ

Why are other brands more expensive?

We prefer to help the various sports at grass roots level. That’s why CSJ sponsors working dog competitions and clubs, as well as teams and championships. This hands-on approach continues to grow through personal recommendations, referrals and word-of-mouth.

As a key sponsor for working dog events, we help every entrant make the most of our financial and moral support, so these events can grow in success and popularity.

We also sponsor small and individual events, as well as search and rescue organisations and fundraising for rescues. If working dogs are involved, we’ll be there. We want CSJ dogs to win all the way!

Find out more about our events:

Improved coats

 Thanks again for letting me get food so late in the evening (especially on a Sunday and mother’s day too!) I told Jeff that I would send a photo of the wonderful improved coats of my setters since switching to the csj food!!  Here are the girls in bed today!! And one of the veteran Rua!! And of course Milo who is looking like a proper setter finally!!!
PS. Last time anyone of them washed was Sept.’08!!!


Need help?

Office hours 10.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday – temporary COVID-19 hours, please contact us.

Nutritional help & advice.

Nutritional help available by email only. Contact Nutrition Enquiries

Customer Reviews

Having such a variety of dogs in our household feeding CSJ's wide range means that we can provide all our canine stars with optimum nutrition from the super-charged agility dogs to the retired veterans.

Super-charged agility dogs to the retired veteransVickie Shelton and James Coxon

“Our fussy Spaniel has finally put on weight and her allergies are under control thanks to CSJ”

Fussy SpanielMadison Wells

“We feed all our dogs CSJ and use salmon oil as well. The dogs love it, it keeps their coats looking great and helps keep them in great physical condition all year round.”

Salmon OilJada Amoah

"From a background of athletics, I know the importance of a good diet which is why I have chosen to feed my dogs CSJ.”

The importance of a good dietJenny Brown

“All my customers think CSJ is the best food ever and their dogs look amazing on it. They can’t understand why people would use anything else.”

Dogs look amazing on itDebra Harker

"I have fed CSJ alongside BARF [bones and raw food] for several years now and wouldn't dream of using anything else. I have never had any problem from any dog and have converted numerous people into CSJ users with fantastic results.”

I have never had any problem from any dogChristine Bridgwater
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