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Ekoneem Soap

Protect your pet!

(100ml Dispenser)

I need individual pack shot of Ekoneem Soap without wrapper and with wrapper if possible. A Blank bottle can be shot and I will drop on new label once approved.

Ekoneem natural oil in the form of soap.

Product Details

100% pure Neem oil from the seed of the tropical neem tree, also known as Indian lilac. Neem oil has a wide history of use as a natural remedy around the world, and can treat many conditions. It’s high in nutrients, and is used in a variety of skin creams, body lotions, hair products, and cosmetics.

Neem oil contains many ingredients that are extremely beneficial to the skin. Some of those ingredients include:

Fatty Acids (EFA)

  • Limonoids

  • Vitamin E

  • Triglycerides

  • Antioxidants

  • Calcium

“I have a fleabag. They love him all year round. I used Neem oil, Ekoneem soap & Billy No Mates to get rid of & prevent fleas. When you are about to go for a walk, stick your dog outside, rub Neem oil all over coat, up to the neck but be careful cos it’s strong stuff, and go for a walk to let the critters jump off but walk for no more than an hour because, again it’s strong stuff. Bathe using Ekoneem soap & immediately Add Billy No Mates to their food. If your dog is infested, repeat the Neem oil & Ekoneem bath every 7 days until gone. Using Billy No Mates all year round, I haven’t had to use Neem in over 2 years, which is good because it smells like rotting cabbage pickle-but it’s worth it!” LEIGH SIMCOE

Ekoneem Soap
Customer Reviews

my staff has a skin problem since he was a pup , in the summer hes very dry and sore i use this 3 times a week at its worst and after 2 weeks of useing this and resist heis skin looks normal.

"ekoneem soap"Sharena Palmer

This soap is brilliant for my big daft dog. He's a big husky cross and always tearing around in mud, wading in filthy water or rolling in something disgusting. He has sensitive skin and has had episodes of dermatitis so I'm really careful about what I feed him and use to wash him. This soap has been great, it lasts a really long time and leaves my dog smelling lovely with no irritation.

"Great soap for my very dirty dog"Tara Hughes

This shampoo worked great on my puppy. I have never seen her coat as black and she remained sweet-smelling for a very long time. This shampoo DOES NOT smell of neem thankfully. I will be using this as her new regular shampoo as it is so delicate and she gets dirty very easily. I bought it because she seemed to be itchy, and she isn't itching any more! Very impressed and will be recommending to friends. The one improvement that could be made is to have the option of purchasing as "shower gel" rather than a soap bar as on a large dog the bar can be difficult to manoeuvre everywhere! Great product!

"Great Shampoo with or without anti parasitic effect!!!"Thomas Mitchell

After using the neem oil, I wasn't really looking forward to the way this would surely smell. How wrong was I! This smells wonderful, really sweet and not at all neem-like! As for it's effects, Inka's coat is lovely and soft, and has a gorgeous shine to it too. It also leaves my hands nice and soft, and perfectly ready for putting moisturiser on. A definite winner!

"Ekoneem"Samantha Tatters

It's ok for my German shepherd dog with sensitive skin, shine coat, no itching but we found difficulties to apply during the bath.

"Ekoneem soap"Joanna

Used on my puppy, his fur is really shiny and soft. Helped with the dry skin he had. Just bought two more bars.

"great soap"A. Baldwin

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