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Little Champ! (Puppy)

(15kg sack)

This highly digestible natural puppy food has already proven to be a winner with all breeds.

Little Camp! Features & Benefits

Rice free.

Can also be fed to bitches in pup.

Small sized kibble which soaks down easily to make it easier for younger puppies to manage.

Suitable for all breeds of puppy from weaning at around 3 weeks of age until they reach their adult size.

Highly popular, cost effective recipe.

Product Details

Easy to soak, this food can be fed to puppies from 3 weeks of age.


Beef & Chicken Meal, Wheat, Maize, Chicken Fat, Chicken Liver, Unmolassed Sugar Beet Pulp, Full Fat Linseed, Alfalfa, Minerals, Yucca Schidigera.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fibre


Crude Ash



Natural antioxidants

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin A


Manganese, manganous oxide


Vitamin D


Zinc, zinc sulphate monohydrate


Vitamin E


Iodine, calcium iodate


Iron, iron sulphate monohydrate


Selenium sodium selenite


Copper, cupric sulphate pentahydrate


Feeding Instructions

Little Champ! is a completely balanced puppy food. There’s no need to supplement this diet. It’s recommended that you soak this food with warm water and start introducing it to your puppies from 3 weeks of age onwards. Once the puppies can ‘crunch’ the food can be fed dry, either ad-lib or according to the very rough guide below.

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide

Little Champ! Puppy
Customer Reviews

After trying a few of the samples I decided on Little Champ. My 6 month old Cocker spaniel has recently started on this food and is thriving on it great coat, plenty of energy and loves the food.

"Little Champ"Jane Broadhurst 15/7/2020

We have recently got 2 Sheepdog puppies & after getting advice & some samples packs from you (thanks) we decided on using Little Champ! They were just 7wks when they first tasted it & they literally 'champ at the bit' to get to their bowls every meal time!!! They took to it immediately & are continuing to grow really well. When they are old enough we will try them on Champ! Adult as we use that for another of our girls. Thankfully all your foods are extremely good value. I would like to give 5s but unfortunately as there's no longer a local stockist in our area we have to order direct through your website & pay courier costs. Deliveries are now much more expensive for us but no complaints about the couriers (DPD) who are very professional. I wish we had somewhere to store more bags so we didn't have to spread our orders out!

"Great for our pups .."Georgina Clarke 10/6/2020

When I collected poppy (my boxer) the breeder already had her on CSJ, just mixed with a little water. I found there was a stockist local to me so was able to pick it up conveniently Poppy loved it, when I tried her on other foods she was sick, but CSJ has always been fine for her.

"Fantastic puppy food"Luke Brown 22/1/2020

I put my Border Collie puppy on this, he’s been on it around 3 months now and is absolutely thriving! His coats coming up beautiful, he seems to have just the right amount of energy for his breed and a perfect weight, so many compliments on him since changing to this food, he wolfs down every crumb!

"He’s thriving!"Faye Wildish 5/12/2019

Got our springer pup on this product, and it's great, no tummy problems what so ever, he's got bundles of energy, his coat is looking good, would recommend this product to everyone.

"CSJ Champ puppy"Simon Gibson 24/11/2019

We have a border collie boy who is a family dog, he is now 16 weeks and seems to be thriving on this food. We tried 3 different foods when he came to us, 1st being well over our budget, 2nd made him sick and after much research we settled on little champ! for the 3rd. His coat is looking amazing and he is developing perfectly according to our vet, not to mention the fact he is very clearly enjoying his meals! Would highly recommend this food from our experience so far!

"So far, so good!"Shaunna Hardie 19/11/2019

First time using little champ for a puppy, wow I’m amazed at how good it is, my pup is a right gorgeous chunk, he’s 19 wks now and his adult coat is coming through, I thought his puppy fluff was like cotton wool, his adult coat is just as soft. He absolutely loves the food too. I love that the first ingredient is beef and lamb too. You really can’t go wrong with this food it is the best puppy food I have had. Thank you CSJ!!

"Little Champ for gsd pup"Susi Ronayne 11/8/2019

Our Red Lab Bailey absolutely loves Little Champ. He was eating it before we picked him up and we continued on with it. He's now 4 months old and looks fantastic. Thank you for this brilliant food. Keep up the great work.

"Little Champ"Russ Webb 27/7/2019

After months of searching and spending a fortune finding a food for our puppy we came across this and we wouldnt change a thing about it! Our girl had suffered with problems with her ‘glands’ from bowel action (which was causing unpleasant odour)so we was trying to find a food which would help the motions to sort the problem.After researching the food and ingriedients we’ve put her on little champ puppy and she’s had no problems what so ever since. Very good price and quality and we’ve also put our newest addition on it also and he’s been great on it too. Will highly recommend the food, just ordered another 2 bags!

"Little champ puppy A"Tracy Rouse 10/3/2019

Wanting to have the best for our 5 month old Black Labrador I shopped around the normal retail outlets. My friend then told us about this site and we have found the little Champ ideal for our dog which we mix with a little wet food. He loves it and has had no problem switching from his previous food. I am using the feed guide on here and he waits keenly for his food which he devours with gusto. He is great shape and this product will keep him like it. This product is working out at less that half price of the premium foods in retail outlets which also enthuses me to keep using it. I am also using other CSJ products for our pups mother who is also thriving on the product.

"Great and economical"Graham 26/2/2019

Our new cocker pup loves this food, he looks well and so so shiny! People always ask what I feed him! Will continue to use.

"Little champ puppy"Laura 2/12/2018

Wow! My new cocker pup has recently gone onto CSJ and what a difference . Little Champ in combination with CSJ Salmon oil and his coat is fantastic . Wished I had found CSJ earlier . Plus the service is second to none . Now my pal and his cocker have just moved onto it . Thanks CSJ.

"My pup loves his grub"Julian Hyde 6/11/2018

I used this puppy food on my 2 other labs, and now on Gabbi...she loves it, clean bowl every meal,.shiny coat and beautiful white teeth, I recommend this food for pups and would not got past this Thanks CSJK9 for making my life so easy...

"Best puppy food EVER"Catherine Christie 11/10/2018

Have used this puppy food for my border collie since I got her. She always eats it down and her coat is super shiny and healthy. She is 12 months now so I’ll be moving onto the champ adult. Such a great value food and I couldn’t recommend these products more!!

"Super super product"Andrew Daws 30/9/2018

I’ve got a 4 month springer spaniel,we had her from 12 weeks and we had been struggling with her food as I slowly introduced a different food to her as she had been on working dog food 😞 everything we tried upset her tummy. So my friend said about CSJk9 as she has always given her dogs it,so I thought it was worth a shot, I am so glad I did 😊as I was buying food 4kg bag for £21 to see if it was the quality. This is Amazing value and little Charlie loves her food no upset tummy and I will be recommending it to all 😊 x Thank you so much.

"Fantastic 😊"Katrina Fosbery 14/5/2018

This food has been perfect for our Whippet puppy, who is now nearly 12 months and still loves it! We noticed similar problems to others with her poo on her original food, so swapped to this and have had no problems whatsoever! Her coat is beautiful with a lovely shine and it's incredibly affordable!

"Fantastic!"Victoria Halliwell 31/3/2018

Oh my goodness, so glad I found this food for my saluki puppy. From the day we brought him home his poo had been dreadful. It was the consistency of puree and that was on a good day! He was on a very expensive well known brand that had been fine for my other dogs but not it would seem for this latest little chap. After 2 months I'd had enough of the slop and I tried him on CSJ Little Champ and an improvement could be seen immediately. There was a big smile on my face when I saw those properly formed poos! Sad that such an odd thing brought me such joy! Anyway, Little Champ for my boy from now on and a big thank you from me and puppy Bruno!

"Big thumbs up from me!"Sue French 19/3/2018

Age of puppy (1 to 6 months)







Small 2-10kg

55 – 70g

85 – 115g

120 – 170g

150 – 220g

160 – 260g

Medium 10-20kg

70 –105g

120 – 200g

170 –220g

220 – 320g

255 – 400g

Large 20-30kg

100 –140g

205 – 300g

220 – 330g

320 – 460g

400 – 525g

Very Large 30kg+

135 – 170g

285 – 350g

330 – 410g

460 – 570g

525 – 650g

Age of puppy (8 to 24 months)







Small 2-10kg

130 – 240g

130 – 200g

Medium 10-20kg

250 – 400g

200 – 375g

200 – 350g

Large 20-30kg

400 – 600g

440 – 575g

390 – 535g

390 – 535g

Very Large 30kg+

600 – 750g

575 – 725g

535 – 650g

535 – 650g

530 – 700g

Little Champ! can be fed dry or moistened with water or CSJ Gravy Works! Always ensure that clean, fresh water is also available.

All dogs are different

Every dog is different, so it’s important to get an individual assessment. The best thing to do is to contact Nicki our Nutrition Adviser. She’ll be able to give you free advice and recommend exactly the right amount to give your dog. The scoop (available separately) is 5ml so usually the smaller pot should last the average medium/large dog about 3 months. 

Shelf Life – 

12 months when stored in cool dry place.

“My puppy absolutely loves this food, she’s so full of energy. Her coat is beautiful and I’ve never had any problems” CHLOE

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