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100% Natural tried and tested herb supplement

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Although the use of herbs for animals and humans has become much more fashionable in recent years, we’ve always been fascinated by the wide range of uses and health-related properties of herbs – for both humans and animals.
We also find it astonishing how little most people know about these amazing plants. Our nutrition expert Nicki can help overcome any sceptism,
cynicism or lack of knowledge.

CSJ range of tried and tested natural supplements are the result of our work with one of the country’s top herbalist professionals.

Billy No Mates!

Billy No Mates! Tincture

Calm Down!

Come On!

Down Boy!

Eezy Peezy!


Get Over!

Get On!


Hold It!

No Ake!

No Ake!

Phantom Raspberry!


Ring o’ Fire!

Seaweed & Parsley!

Skinny Herbs!

Solid Result!


Stroppy Bitch!

Thistle Work!


Turn Back Thyme!

Stroppy Bitch!

Value is important

We work hard to keep our wide range of feeds, supplements, herbs and treats more reasonably priced than other brands.
“As farming people, we like practical solutions at down to earth prices. You can rely on finding good value at CSJ, without compromising on quality…” CERI RUNDLE

Only natural ingredients – no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

We source all our ingredients as locally as possible. Carefully formulated by UK leading canine nutritionists, our range recipes are fully balanced. Each ingredient is chosen for its nutrients – no fillers here! Every product is checked before it leaves our factory, to ensure full quality assurance.

How to choose the right recipe for your best friend

Fill out our short nutrition enquiry short form. Our specialist dog nutrition advisor Nicki will give you individual recommendations from our range: Nutrition enquiry form

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