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A Natural Treat

(180g Pack)

Fishcuits training treats are made from 100% fish and are free from anything artificial. Highly palatable and nutritious. Comes in a 180g resealable bag

Product Details

Made in Denmark using 100% fish (85% Fresh Wild Salmon and 15% Salmon Meal), Fishcuits are extremely palatable and nutritious. Ideal for use as training treats or as feed supplements. Contain no artificial anythings(!) such as colours, preservatives or flavours.

“My husky will do anything for these treats he loves them. Prepare for the smell of fish tho as it’s strong.” DAVID LEACOCK

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Fishcuits Customer Reviews

My dogs go wild for these treats and because they are 100% fish they are natural and healthy. Great for my dog who cannot eat grains.

"Yummy treats"Louise Brown 20/4/2019

Bought a bag of these . My young pup and my older springer absolutely loved then! Great that they are all natural and so so healthy for our dogs Thanks CSJ.

"Fantastic FishCuits"Julian Hyde 6/11/2018

My dogs love these! Great to take out on walks for training and also as a treat at home when they are being good!

"Great treat!"Rebeca Ellis 15/1/2018

I baked some liver cake as a training aid for our black lab pup but she wasn't interested. Enter Fishcuits! She loves them, and I love the fact that they are natural and healthy. It's fair to say she will do anything for a fishcuit! Thank you CSJ, training made easy : )

"Excellent!"Jan Gammie 15/7/2017
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