CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Questions & Answers

When would you use Rocket Fuel?

I would suggest you only use Rocket Fuel for extremely hard working dogs such as working/racing lurchers, as a feed supplement for bitches in whelp or to increase the protein level of your dog’s basic diet – but only if your dog does not have a wheat gluten intolerance.

This ration is very rich and does contain wheat gluten so there is a chance that it might upset your dog’s digestion unless it is already settled on a food containing wheat e.g. such as our That’ll do!, Hi Lost!, Herbie Nuts or Herbie Rings.

If you are feeding a wheat gluten free diet but want to increase the protein intake without the risk of upset, then I suggest you try our Command Performance 30.

What level of protein should I feed my puppy?

There are two schools of thought on what level protein should be fed to pups/youngsters. Some people like to continue feeding a high level (28 – 30%) until their youngster is almost 12 months. I don’t. Personally, I like to start my border collie puppies off on a really good quality puppy food (26 – 28%) and then start to reduce the protein level at around 7 – 8 weeks down to around the 22 – 21%.

I do this because I don’t want my youngsters to grow too fast too quickly – nor put on too much weight as this puts additional strain on their growing bones/joints.  Puppies’ bones are still very soft and Border Collies especially, are very active and can easily damage themselves by banging into things or getting knocked by adult dogs when playing.  By keeping the protein level down, the dogs appear to develop good bone, coats and muscle without becoming too hyper – or too leggy.

Speaking to other well-respected breeders, I have found that they are of a like mind on this topic – whether their dogs be spaniels or GSDs. What do you think?

What rations do you feed your own dogs?

Between my father and I, we have 14 border collies – ranging from about 12 months in age up to my X Border Collie/Beardie who is 19 years old!

I now feed mainly a wheat gluten free diet to them all eg Original Lamb & Rice, Command Performance 21 or sometimes CP24.  In the winter months I sometimes feed the CP30(!) mixed 50:50 with the CP Xtra as this brings the overall protein level down while increasing the carbohydrate content to help the dogs hold their weight when being kennelled outside in the cold weather.

The Beardie gets a variety of foods – usually the puppy foods as he needs smaller meals which are mixed with warm water or the Pow Wow.

Our aim has always been to be produce a top quality, high performing dog food at an affordable price.   This doesn’t mean we compromise at all on the important things like the quality of ingredients, choice of manufacturer or customer service but rather that we ensure that the quality is inside the bag – i.e. in the food by keeping our overheads at a minimum.  This is why you won’t find glossy CSJ advertisements, freebies or smooth talking salesmen/women (!) – so whilst our packaging and advertising may be plain, you can rest assured our food continuously strives to be the best.
We usually ask why other dog foods are so expensive?!!

Why have I never heard of CSJ?

By keeping our costs down we build our customer base through supporting working dog activities and sporting events, as well as through referrals from satisfied customers. We also keep our advertising to a minimum and distribute our food via a network of dog owners i.e people who understand dogs.

How does the food compare with well known, premium quality brands?

Our customers tell us that their dogs often prefer CSJ and that our food lasts longer. They also comment on how easily their dogs ‘change over’. In a recent taste test between CSJ and XX,

“5 puppies out of 5 preferred CSJ”!