A super premium dog food for less active dogs, Ideal for using as part of a calorie controlled diet for overweight dogs.

CP 18 Features & Benefits

Rich in Lamb with Rice

Hypoallergenic – Wheat gluten free

Formulated for older dogs that are less active

Lower in calories so also suitable for dogs that maintain weight easily

Ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies

Added glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM for joint support

Trusted by champions since 2003

Product Details

A super premium, complete feed, specifically formulated for less active dogs or dogs with a tendency to put on weight easily. Trusted by champions since 2003.


Lamb, Whole White Rice, Maize, Oats, Beet Pulp, Chicken Fat, Salmon Meal, Lamb Gravy, Whole Egg, Full Fat Linseed, Herbs, Glucosamine (400mg/kg), MSM (400mg/kg), Chondroitin (200mg/kg).

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fibre


Crude Ash



Natural antioxidants

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin A (3a672a)


Manganese (Manganous (II) oxide/3b502)


Vitamin D3 (3a671)


Zinc (Zinc sulphate, monohydrate/3b605)


Vitamin E (3a700)


Zinc (Zinc chelate of Glycine,

hydrate (solid)/3b607) 35mg/kg

Iron (Iron sulphate, monohydrate/3b605)


Iodine (Calcium iodate, anhydrous/3b202


Copper (Cupric (II) sulphate pentahydrate/3b405)


Selenium (Sodium selenite/3b801)


Feeding Instructions

CP18 (Less active) should be fed dry but can be moistened with water or CSJ Gravy Works!. Always ensure that clean, fresh water is also available.

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide

Weight of Dog (Kg)

Less Active
Grams per day (g)

Grams per day (g)

Small: Terrier 2-10kg



Medium: Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie 10-20kg



Large: GSD, Belgian Shepard 20-30kg



Very Large: Irish Wolfhound 30kg+



All dogs are different

Every dog is different, so it’s important to get an individual assessment. The best thing to do is to contact Nicki our Nutrition Adviser. She’ll be able to give you free advice and recommend exactly the right amount to give your dog. The scoop (available separately) is 5ml so usually the smaller pot should last the average medium/large dog about 3 months. 

Shelf Life – 

12 months when stored in cool dry place.

“Having fed Burns for years I have just switched my dogs onto CP18 and CP Salmon. They absolutely love it and will wolf it down, even the fussy eater of the bunch.” ALEX BRACEY

Need help?

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Nutritional help & advice.

Nutritional help available by email only. Contact Nutrition Enquiries

CP 18 (Less Active)
Customer Reviews

My 1 year old Lab is usually fed on CSJ Complete Tripe and absolutely thrives off it, however since I have been sent away for a few months with work we have moved him into CP18. I have left him with my wife and although she does give him good walks everyday she can''t run him and train him all day like he''s used too. Since moving to CP18 not only has he maintained his impressive coat condition but his body is as defined as ever. It has had a nice calming effect on him too which has been welcomed by my wife who has 3 kids to juggle as well. This is an A star ration would certain recommend to fellow Lab owners.

"Great for my resting Black Lab"Graham Spence 22/5/2017

My dogs LOVE this food and as they are Alaskan Malamutes I struggle to give them enough excercise during the excessively warm months, this is the perfect answer to stop them gaining too much weight until we can resume extra long walkies and running in the autumn. Thank you CSJ.

"a fantastic product"Dawn Fido 17/6/2016

I wanted to try a couple of products from CSJ before I wrote a review. My partner always says that I get a bit obsessed with checking the nutrition values and ingredients on the dog food we buy. I've tried virtually everything now for our 2 spaniels and the Less Active food is perfect for them. It stops our less active Spaniel putting weight on and they both love the taste. I can tell they have improved when they have been on it. No issues with stomach upsets and their coats look amazing.

"Perfect blend of value and nutrition"Chris Valentine 12/2/2015

CP18 is a great food for our two oldest collies (ages 5 and 3) I also use the herbal supplements for them - their coats and skin are in good condition, their stools are firm, and they seem satisfied after feeding. I soak the biscuits in warm water, add the herbal supplements and the food disappears in no time!

"Suits both collies perfectly..."Jo Hall 29/1/2015

I perviously had my Springer on Complete Tripe but because of her health problems she can't have much exersize & we were finding that we had to cut her food down so much to keep the weight off her & we felt terrible. I had a chat with CSJ & they suggested this food as it has less calories in but still provides all thats required with the added benefit of the herbs in it to support the joints that we needed. Since swapping we have been able to feed her the amount she used to get but has stayed the perfect weight. She is looking great on it & her coat is lovely. She is no longer a starving spaniel, well she would probably say otherwise but thats Spaniels - lol

"Does the job"Fiona Pedley 23/1/2015

I have 2 cocker spaniels who tend to pick at their food all day rather than having set meals. One had put a lot of weight on after an operation. I switched to CSJ after reading other reviews and glad I did. People have been commenting on how good both dogs look. Their energy levels are spot on and they are full of life.

"Both my Spaniels love it!"Chris Valentine 30/12/2014