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Come On!

A complementary feeding stuff for dogs

(300g Resealable Pouch)

Want to get ahead in the show ring? Looking for winning condition?

This natural herb mix helps to your dog’s general well-being. Can be used to support:

Skin & coat condition – ideal for show dogs, helps keep them looking great for the show ring

Immune system, digestive health & liver function

Underweight dogs, to encourage appetite

Product Details

Here’s a little winning secret from the ‘show world’….’Come On!’ This natural product is formulated using human grade herbs to give your dog a ‘boost’- whether it’s energy or general condition. Come On! has also helped some dogs to gain weight. This herbal mix is one of the best tonics around and smells absolutely wonderful. Our dogs love it. Several show bench dog owners swear by this product for helping to get their dogs in tiptop condition. Others believe it’s given their lethargic dogs ‘a new lease of life’. Come On! may also support the function of the pancreas. Supplied in a 300g resealable foil pouch. Note. The 5 ml scoop is no longer included.


Echinacea, Seaweed, Fenugreek, Milk Thistle, Nettle, Fine Cut Rosehips, Garlic.

Analytical Constituents

Crude Protein


Fat Content


Crude Fibre


Crude Ash


Feeding Instructions

Simply sprinkle the herbs over your dog’s dinner. Can be fed dry or try drizzling a little water (or CSJ Salmon Oil) over the dry kibble first to avoid the herbs filtering to the bottom of the bowl. Always ensure that clean, fresh water is also available. 

Come On! can be used on an ongoing basis but to maintain efficacy we recommend taking a short break from the herbs every few months. 

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide

Weight of Dog

Daily amount
(5ml scoop)

Small: Terrier 0-10kg

Half a scoop

Medium: Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie 10-20kg

1 Scoop

Large: GSD, Belgian Shepard 20-30kg

1 – 2 Scoops

Very Large: Irish Wolfhound 30kg+

2 – 3 Scoops

All dogs are different

As herbs usually take time to act within the system, it may take up to 2-3 weeks before you fully appreciate the benefit.

After the initial feeding period it may be possible to reduce the feeding rate, while maintaining the same effects. This should be assessed with each individual case.

If you have any concerns about your dog’s health please contact your vet in the first instance.

Shelf Life – 

24 months when stored in cool dry place.

“Happy dog… my airedale lost a huge amount of fur on her back after I had changed her diet with a bag of food from a local shop. The vets were going to do testing at a huge cost to see what the issues were. However i contacted CJS who told me to switch back the food and try Come on and salmon oil and after 3 months we are now seeing hair growth 🙂 and my pooch has gained the weight she had lost thank you so much for your advice” JOANNE BEESON

Need help?

Office hours 10.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday – temporary COVID-19 hours, please contact us.

Nutritional help & advice.

Nutritional help available by email only. Contact Nutrition Enquiries

Come On!
Customer Reviews

Our rescue lab came to us very thin with dull fur and a scabby sore on her head. Vet did a biopsy as he thought it might be a cancerous growth and prescribed expensive ointments but to no avail.... after six months of CSJ dry dog food, salmon oil and Come On herbs, the sore has completely gone away, her coat is shiny and she is the happiest and most loving dog we could hope for. People are always commenting on how great she looks. I can't help thinking that all this goodness must have long-term benefits so a great investment as she gets older. Thank you CSJ for looking after our doggies!!

"Happiness is....."Jane Palmer Williams

We bought this product a few months ago along with Heal on the advise of Nicki. (She was amazing to talk to) We had taken on a badly abused and very malnourished and underweight dog and despite spending a ridiculous amount of money at the vets for tests pills and potions etc they had been unable to work out, why after several months of us trying to feed her up she was unable to put weight on. We were becoming really desperate as she was soooo thin with every bone showing and we were starting to lose her spark and we were so worried. But after talking to Nicki as we already were using Calm Down, We added these herbs to her diet and after about 3 weeks of doubling the dose she started to gain weight. We are now just over 5 months down the line from starting these and she has now put on 6 kilos and is in amazing shape. The vets cannot believe it. The herbs are the only change we had made and they have made this sort of difference. It is as though the herbs had settled her body down and have got it working properly again. I have never seen her look so good and so happy and so content. Would highly recommend these to anybody, good work CSJ.

"Amazing product"Louise

Another superb product from CSJ. After hearing of a friend who's dog's general health had dramtically improved from herbs, i decided to try them out for my own dog. My Labrador Retriever spends alot of time in water and keeping his coat and skin in a healthy condition was previously a hard task. Now i've been using "Come On", not only does he have a more healthy shine to his coat, but his over all condition appears to have improved greatly. I'd like to once again thank CSJ for providing a natural and completely safe product that does what it says.

"Perfect Condtioner"James B

Had my two dogs Yoshi and Keisha on Csj for a couple of years now Yoshi needs filling out a bit he is only 2 so I am now trying him on Come On the smell is Georgous he loves it and they both have lovely shiny coats on their Sooper Dooper just think all their products are fantastic recommended to my friends.

"Come on"Maureen Purdom

Wow, this product is amazing! Marble, our 2 year old whippet cross collie, has not been in top condition lately and has a poor immune system. She keeps getting a mystery illness, and no one knows what it is. She goes very lethargic and doesn't want to do anything. Since using 'come on' she has not been ill since! She doesn't have a big appetite but she certainly eats a lot more now the herbs are put on, they add a lot more flavour. Her coat is shiny, her eyes are bright and her nose is wet....thanks CSJ!

"it's done wonders!"Ruby Shorrock

Even my picky girl Willow loves the flavour of these herbs, and she has bounced back after having an op for the doggy version of appendicitus. Plus if possible her coat is EVEN MORE SHINIER! brilliant.

"Flavour my girls love"Dawn Fido
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