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CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Bulk Delivery Enquiry & Request Form

If you would benefit from bulk deliveries you can ask to be added to our bulk delivery scheme. This allows you to save money if you require large quantities of our dog food. This scheme is ideal for dog kennels etc.

Bulk pallet deliveries can be made in the following pallet sizes:

  • 25 bags with £30 delivery charge (England & Wales only).

  • 50 to 65 bags with no delivery charge in England & Wales, £35 delivery charge in Scotland – delivery charge on application for Northern Ireland.

  • All dog feed bags are 15kg and pallets can have mixed rations.

  • Deliveries are made by 12 to 18 tonne lorries.

    In order to be eligible for the scheme the access to your property must be such that you are able to accept deliveries from a lorry. Once we receive your request we will check to see if there is a local CSJ stockist who can provide bulk discount deliveries. If there is not, and if you meet our requirements such as delivery access, we will email you a bulk price list.

    You can fill in the form below to request to be added to our bulk delivery scheme.

    Please fill in the form below to be considered for our bulk delivery scheme:
    (* denotes that this has to be filled in)

Bulk Deliveries
DELIVERY / Lorry Delivery / Select 'Yes' to confirm that the access to your address is suitable for delivery lorry.

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