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The ultimate way for you and your dog to reach the next level and win, is to learn from the masters. These books and DVDs are carefully selected to offer top rated dog sports training and handling, from some of the finest dog handlers we know.

Book –
‘A Way of Life’
by H. Glyn Jones

Price: £14.95

Sheepdog training book written by my father, H.Glyn Jones with Barbara C. Collins.

DVD – ‘Come Bye! and Away!’
by H. Glyn Jones

Price: £14.95

Sheepdog training video by my father, H.Glyn Jones.

DVD – ‘That’ll Do!
by H. Glyn Jones

Price £14.95

The second sheepdog training DVD by my father, H.Glyn Jones.

DVD – ‘Take Time!’
by H. Glyn Jones

Price: £14.95

The third sheepdog training DVD by my father, H.Glyn Jones.

DVD – A Way with Dogs

Price: £22.00

Interested in sheepdog trials? Watch this brand new DVD set of ‘A Way with Dogs’. The 4 DVDs provide over 4 hours of close up coverage of sheepdog trialling at its very best: 15 highly renowned champion handlers compete in North Wales over 3 different testing courses to become the A Way with Dogs Champion.

Ceri’s late father (H.Glyn Jones) was a former International Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion with his dog Gel. He was also Reserve Supreme Champion with the famous homebred Bwlch Taff and five times winner of the Brace Competition on the BBC2 TV series, One Man & His Dog’ with his dogs Gel and Bwlch Bracken.Glyn produced three training DVDs ‘Come Bye and Away’, ‘That’ll Do’ and ‘Take Time’ and co-wrote the training book that many regard as the ‘Bible’ of the dog world ‘A Way of Life’ which up to now has been translated into 5 languages.

Glyn extensively all over the world to judge and hold training clinics and regularly competed in trials – usually against Ceri!

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