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No one understands working dogs like we do

So much heritage behind CSJ


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We take a more scientific approach to dog food


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We talk, listen and work with the top nutritionists in the UK

CSJ was established in 1998

Proud to deliver over 20 years’ success in dog nutrition.

‘Today, CSJ is one of the fastest growing dog food companies. It all started when I was working together with my dad, H. Glyn Jones as international sheep dog triallists and we couldn’t find an affordable, quality dog food for our world-famous kennel of working and winning Moel and Bwlch border collies. We decided to produce our own brand of working dog feed and we still strive to keep CSJ products better quality and more affordable than many other quality brands…’ Ceri Rundle.

It all began with ‘Bwlch Hemp’, the dog on the CSJ logo. One of a long line of winning dogs, bred by Ceri Rundle, founder of CSJ on her farm in North Wales. Ceri has a unique history and understanding of dogs, that sets CSJ apart from other dog food companies. “We’re dog people… Dogs have always been a natural part of our life – that’s how the business has grown. We use experts to manufacture our food and experts to work out the nutritional dietary content.

Nothing is left to chance. We take a scientific approach to dog food and seek the advice and recommendations of the top dog nutritionists in the UK. Because for a winning performance, your dog needs to be fit and healthy in mind as well as body. We go to extraordinary lengths to make CSJ to be the very best food you can possibly give your ‘best friend’.

Leading the way

Beware of copy-dogs

We work hard to be the best we possibly can. That means feeding more dogs who keep winning in every sport with the most nutritious diet.

How do we do it?

Simple – we only use the best natural products and seek the highest expert advice. We invest in research and development and keep innovating new foods that we know will make a difference. That’s how we stay in front. If it doesn’t say CSJ – it’s not CSJ.

Of course, we know people try to copy our products and it’s as a huge compliment. All we will say is that if it doesn’t say CSJ, then it’s not CSJ. So, look on the label. Check it’s real deal and enjoy the difference it makes.

Fantastic product – my dogs never looked better!

“The product I believe is by far one of the best products on the market. After trying all the well-known brands, the dogs coats, digestive systems are superb and value for money is fantastic.
I wouldn’t feed anything else and believe the product deserves better coverage.”


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Customer Reviews

"Since exclusively feeding CSJ dog foods, herbs and treats we have noticed a massive improvement in our dogs’ overall condition and are very impressed with their resultant performance as demonstrated by their race results…. We have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this food.”

Very impressive results...John & Mary Carter (Sled Dogs)

"CSJ food from Ceri and her enthusiastic team have created a product that my Gundogs look good on and work well on in all terrains and weather – for me that has to be a winning result.”

Winning result!Andrew Cullen MBE

"I have a very active little whippet cross who I have always had to feed massive amounts of dog food to keep any weight on her. I had previously tried other higher protein diets but these just made her hyper in the house! With CP30 I'm now feeding her a normal amount for her size, she is in good condition and there were no significant behaviour changes.Great for keeping weight on!"

"CP30 Great for keeping weight on!"Helena Guest